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SmartComp Solutions, Inc. is an independent agency assisting clients with Payroll Services, Workers Compensation Insurance, Human Resource Management, and Employee Benefits. SmartComp Solutions, Inc. was founded on the principle of providing sensible solutions for employers to efficiently manage their workforce. Our goal is to eliminate the administrative burden of running a workforce so that business owners can focus on the revenue generating aspects of their company that they enjoy.

Our clients are always a priority and therefore we are dedicated to the success of our client’s business. We contribute to our client’s success by providing solutions to minimize workforce related expenses while effectively managing the services related to employees. Our knowledgeable staff takes a friendly and professional approach to guiding our clients down the path to success. When it comes to workforce management, we provide Smart Options and Superior Results.

We have agents and brokers located throughout Florida and the United States who utilize our services to provide Workers Comp Insurance, Payroll, and HR services to their clients. SmartComp Solutions has built a solid reputation by working with quality agents to provide services through top-tier insurance carriers and human resources specialists. Our level of customer service in providing payroll options and Workers Comp for hard-to-place companies, as well as our involvement in the application & enrollment process, is why we are the preferred choice of Insurance Agents.

Smart Options. Superior Results.

Providing smart employer solutions to simplify workforce administration.

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